Study option                                   Exam board                         Specification code

A Level two-year course                               AQA                                                       7272

Why choose music?

Music A Level offers a logical progression from GCSE and an opportunity to develop your knowledge and musical ability through the study, creation and performance of music from a wide range of styles and genres.

Where can it lead?

This specification provides a sound preparation for the study of music in higher education, as well as providing opportunities to develop strengths and interests leading to music-related and other careers. It enables you to develop a wide range of transferable skills such as critical thinking, research, communication and team-work.

What and how will I study?

There is a mix of practical and theoretical work.

 The A Level assessments are:

Appraising music             (40% of A Level)

Examination paper with listening and written questions using excerpts of music testing listening, analysis and contextual understanding. A second set work from the Western Classical tradition is also studied, along with a second topic.

Performance                     (35% of A Level)

Solo and/or ensemble performance as an instrumentalist, or vocalist and/or music production (via technology).

A minimum of ten minutes’ performance in total is required (no more than twelve minutes).

Composition                      (25% of A Level)

Composition 1: Composition to a brief

Composition 2: Free composition

A minimum of four and a half minutes of music in total is required.

Are there any specific entry requirements?

There are no specific entry requirements for this course, but it would help if you have studied music at GCSE or passed a grade 5 theory examination. You will be expected to play an instrument or sing at grade 5 level or above.