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A Level two-year course             OCR                                                       H240

Why choose mathematics?

Mathematics is a subject to be studied and enjoyed in its own right and it can also assist the study of other subjects (for example physics, chemistry and biology). Mathematics has many applications.  It provides training in logical argument and it is an intellectually stimulating subject which can give immense satisfaction. Part of the attraction of this subject is knowing that a combination of flair and hard work can lead to great success. This course provides continuity from GCSE to the further study of mathematics. Some of the GCSE higher course syllabus has been included in the AS section of the modular course.

Where can it lead?

Choosing mathematics could lead you to a career in accountancy, banking, business, management or science. In addition, mathematics is regarded by many employers as a good grounding for management.

What and how will I study?

A Level mathematics is a two-year course. The A Level modular syllabus comprises three units.

There are three examination papers, each 2 hours in length, and each is 33⅓% of total A Level.

  • Paper 1 – pure mathematics
  • Paper 2 – pure mathematics and statistics
  • Paper 3 – pure mathematics and mechanics

How will I be assessed?

There are three examination papers for A Level. Some units involve the use of a scientific calculator or a graphical calculator. Girls are encouraged to buy their own graphical calculator. Pupils will sit the examination papers during the Summer Term, at the end of the two years.

There is no coursework involved. Mathematics is fun, exciting and challenging.

Are there any specific entry requirements?

At least a B grade in mathematics at GCSE is preferred for study to A Level.