Study options                                                     Exam board          Specification code

Extended Certificate  (equivalent to A Level)       OCR        05835

Diploma                          (equivalent to 1.5 A Levels)

Why choose applied business?

This Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate provides you with an opportunity to develop an understanding of the business environment and to focus on specific aspects of a business through the application of concepts to real life examples. The course  has up to date, enaging and exciting content.

It is a very well structured, practical course, which, allows for a variety of pathways to cater for your interests. The qualification will develop your knowledge of how businesses operate in the realworld, an understanding of the business sector and build transferable skills for further and higher education.  This qualification would also complement any other A Levels you might be interested in such as PE, psychology and health and social care.

Where can it lead?

Level 3 Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate will prepare you for a career in business and business related fields. It could lead to other vocational or academic courses in marketing or accounting.  You could also move on to an apprenticeship programme in business.

What will I study?

You will sometimes work on your own and sometimes in small groups. We will teach you the research and study skills you will need for success.  As well as using ICT for presenting your work, you will also be encouraged to use it for research.  You will learn to manage projects, do research, understand how to reference and prepare for presentations and examinations.

You will benefit from extensive support and guidance throughout your time on the course. We pride ourselves on taking a personal interest in your success.

This qualification allows you to take units at the end of Year 12 and other units at the end of Year 13.

If you are able, you can complete extra units which will help you gain a diploma in this qualification which is equivalent to 1.5 A Levels.

Units studied include:

Unit 1:   The business environment

Unit 2:   Working in business

Unit 3:   Business decisions

Unit 4:   Customers and communication

Unit 5:   Marketing and market research

How will I be assessed?

Your work will be assessed through assignments and examination.

Units 1, 2 and 3 are externally assessed through examinations. Units 4 and 5 are internally assessed.  There will be regular assignments that will get you prepared for both the internal and external assessments.

In the assignments clear objective criteria are used to assess competency in all the key areas and you will be able to see how your achievements build up as the course proceeds. There will be plenty of opportunity to show progress.

Are there any specific entry requirements?

There are no formal entry requirements, but it would be at an advantage if you have achieved at least a C grade in English and mathematics.