Year 7 Curriculum

In Year 7, pupils are introduced to a range of core concepts within biology, chemistry and physics. Pupils study general science, and cover all these subjects. Pupils will build on their scientific knowledge and understanding from Year 6 and make connections between the different areas of science. The aim is to develop a framework of scientific knowledge and skills which will expand as pupils make progress in science.

Homework activities, assessment tasks and end-of-topic tests enable students to demonstrate their understanding of each topic. In doing so the teacher is able to assess knowledge and promote learning in each topic area and identify any difficulties as early as possible.

In physics, topics of focus currently include:

  • Energy resources
  • Elecrical resources
  • Forces and their effects
  • The Solar System and beyond.

End of year assessment takes the form of a skills based activity in addition to an examination testing knowledge and understanding.

Year 8 Curriculum

In Year 8 the focus is placed on introducing pupils to a range of core concepts within biology, chemistry and physics. The ideas discussed with pupils will begin to build a foundation of understanding at various levels that can be developed further as the pupils head toward their GCSE learning.

Pupils will be given the opportunity to demonstrate a range of practical techniques in support of the topics being studied. However, the main goal during Year 8 is to engage and build the confidence of pupils in all aspects of science, ensuring it is a subject in which they know they can succeed.

Topics currently include:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Magnets and electromagnets
  • Light
  • Sound and hearing.

End of year assessment takes the form of a practice assessment and experimental write up, as well as a cumulative paper testing knowledge and understanding of all topics covered.

Year 9 Curriculum

Science in Year 9 is all about developing knowledge and skills as well as preparing pupils for the GCSE courses that follow in Years 10 and 11. We focus on the development of practical skills and pupils are also taught about the scientific methods used in planning, recording and evaluating information which prepares them for the research element of their GCSE course.

The content of the course in Year 9 relates to the GCSE specifications and the physics topics covered are:

  • Energy concepts and conservation
  • Electrical circuits and applications

The end of year assessment includes an investigation skills component similar to that undertaken at GCSE that prepares the girls well for their examination courses.

Year 10 & 11 Sciences GCSE (compulsory)

Please Sciences page for further information.