Years 7 – 9

The curriculum in the first three years of the Senior School, Years 7 – 9, is structured under eight learning strands. Some strands contain more than one subject. All subjects are taught for varying number of periods every week, with the exception of music, drama and dance which are taught on rotation twice throughout the year for half a term each, and food textiles and craft which are each taught once for an entire term every year.

1. Communicate and Express – English literature and language, French and Spanish
2. Number – mathematics
3. Science – science
4. Human and Social – geography, history and religious education
5. Perform, Compete and Create – physical education, dance, drama and music
6. Represent and Interpret – art
7. Design and Make – ICT, food and nutrition, textiles and craft
8. Ourselves and Others – PSHCCE.

Download the Year 7 Curriculum Booklet 

Download the Year 8 Curriculum Booklet  

Download the Year 9 Curriculum booklet 

Years 10 and 11

In Years 10 and 11 pupils study for their GCSE/IGCSE qualifications. Pupils study for ten subjects at GCSE as standard.

All pupils must study English language and English literature, mathematics and the three sciences – physics, biology and chemistry. These are core compulsory subjects.

In addition all pupils will have physical education and PSHCCE lessons as part of the curriculum.

Pupils can then select four GCSE option subjects. Please download our latest GCSE Options booklet  to see the wide range of subjects currently on offer.