We welcome international boarders and day pupils into our Senior School from age 11 and can provide extra support and study programmes to pupils learning English.

Our dedicated ESOL department prepares our international Senior School pupils to take a wide range of internationally-recognised qualifications such as the Cambridge Board international exams.

The department is run by Elaine Boar and Ingrid Evers-Jones, our ESOL Co-ordinators. Miss Boar explains: “The level of academic and pastoral support we give to overseas students is very high. We understand the difficulties they often experience away from home, whether they are from Europe or further afield. Nothing is taken for granted and we have a sympathetic and caring approach. We recognise that overseas students play an extremely important part in all aspects of school life and they are given every encouragement to participate in, and benefit from, both mainstream and ESOL study programmes.”

ESOL Study Options

These are the study options which Senior School pupils can follow:

  • English Experience Programme (short-term study option – flexible length)

Objective: to enable students for whom English is not their first language to gain an insight into the workings of a real British school, whilst developing their English skills and gaining ESOL qualifications if they want to.

What it involves: In addition to English lessons and support from a dedicated ESOL teacher, pupils will follow a general curriculum including subjects such as maths, geography, history, art and music, alongside native speakers. We can prepare your child for a range of ESOL examinations and qualifications if you wish.

Who it is for?: Pupils of all ages but ideal for younger learners aged 11-14, who want to gain an initial insight into studying English in the UK. The programme is tailored to the individual’s requirements.

How long does it last?: We are flexible on the duration of stays but pupils must stay for a minimum of half a term (approximately 6 weeks). However in order to gain the most benefit from the experience a minimum of a one-term stay is recommended. (One term is approximately 10-12 weeks). If pupils want to gain Cambridge ESOL qualifications, their stay must coincide with the Cambridge Board’s examinations which are held in December, March and June every year. We are able to arrange transport to Cambridge for your child to take the exams.

Ready to apply? Please email your enquiry in the first place to enquiries@hohs.co.uk

  •  Full-time study (long term study option)

International students can join us at any time from age 11 in the Senior School on a permanent basis for full-time study as a day pupil or a boarder. International pupils will follow the general curriculum with native speakers in their year group, including all standard subjects such maths, English, science, history, geography, art, music and PE. When pupils enter Year 10 they will study their chosen subjects to gain GCSE/IGCSE qualifications in Year 11.

International pupils will receive English lessons and support from our dedicated ESOL Co-ordinator, Mrs Evers-Jones, as required. She will make an initial assessment when your daughter arrives at our school and devise an individual learning plan depending on the level of English support needed. This will be constantly reviewed and assessed during your child’s time at our school.

For information about additional teaching costs, please contact us or see our fees information sheet here.

To find out more, please email enquiries@hohs.co.uk