The benefits of a single-sex education at secondary level are well documented: a curriculum and teaching that is girl-centred, the chance to explore extra curricular pursuits without worrying what boys think, fewer distractions and a greater likelihood of studying maths and sciences to a higher level, as well as of getting higher grades overall.

At Hethersett, we understand girls and how they learn best.  We will do all that we can do ensure that your daughter not only fulfils her academic potential but also develops the self-discipline and confidence necessary to succeed in later life. She will be known by every member of staff, and her peers, as a person in her entirety; she will be encouraged to develop her abilities in all areas beyond the classroom, whilst developing teamwork skills, leadership and self-confidence that will stand her in good stead in the years to come.

We believe that our job is to help your daughter identify the areas in which she shines and to give her the skills, knowledge, support and opportunities to achieve the very best she can at GCSE and A Level, laying a firm foundation for the future.

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