The curriculum in Key Stage 1 is broad, balanced and rich. It is topic based and has been written to provide purpose and interest for our children, while at the same time establishing a secure understanding and mastery of the skills and knowledge that our children will need to achieve their full potential in future learning.

As many subjects as possible are taught within the topics, but where these do not naturally ‘fit’ they are taught discretely. Topics are carefully planned throughout the Preparatory School to ensure progression and continuity of each child’s learning experience.

As boys and girls progress through Years 1 and 2, great emphasis is placed on the development of skills in English and mathematics, science, ICT, history and geography, art, design and technology, personal, social and citizenship education and religious education.

Music and drama are developed through the themes. Study of French language and culture is continued throughout the department, as is PE and swimming which are taught by specialist teachers.

Careful planning, observation and assessment ensures that activities and resources meet the needs of each child’s individual ability and the next steps of their progress in learning can be planned for appropriately.

All our children have the opportunity to take individual music lessons from peripatetic staff at the school and then take part in a Lower Prep concert in the summer term and assemblies.

Pupils are encouraged to pursue their sporting interests by participating in matches, competitions and galas. Parents are encouraged to come and support their children in sporting fixtures.

As children progress through Year 2 they will experience carefully planned activities to ensure a smooth transition into Key Stage 2 where they are more than ready to begin a new chapter in their learning.


Example topic work each term

Year Autumn Spring Summer
One Light & Dark Materials Homes & Gardens
Two Transport Time Habitats Seaside