In the Nursery and Reception classes we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage statutory framework. The Foundation Stage curriculum focuses on three prime areas of learning: personal, social and emotional development, communication and language and physical development and four specific areas of learning: literacy, mathematics, understanding the world and arts and design. In addition, Reception and full-time Nursery children are introduced to the French language, as well as music, PE and swimming which are taught by specialist teachers.

Each area of the curriculum is taught through our exciting topic work, for example, ‘the zoo’, ‘traditional tales’ and ‘weather’ so that learning is always meaningful and relevant. Children are welcomed into bright, colourful, stimulating classrooms with interactive learning areas to engage, interest and encourage them to become independent, enquiring learners.

The Early Years outside area provides an exciting ‘outdoor classroom’ experience, where children have the space to run around, negotiate their way up and down the climbing frame, ride on wheeled vehicles, play ball games, use their imagination in den building and role play and watch the flowers grow in their garden. We  also have the advantage of being able to make use of the school orchard, gardens, playing fields and woods all of which enhance our children’s outdoor learning.

All children attain the Early Learning Goals well before the end of the Foundation Stage in the Reception class. Rapid progress is made, particularly in literacy and numeracy, giving them a huge head start as they move into Key Stage 1.

Thorough careful planning, a varied range of resources, visitors to the school and excursions beyond the classroom are used to enhance children’s learning and to give them the widest perspective on their education.

Example topic work each term

Year Autumn Spring Summer
Nursery All About Me & Autumn Changes Bonfire Night & Christmas The Farm The Zoo Traditional Tales Minibeasts
Reception My Senses & Autumn Changes Harvest & Christmas Water & Colours Weather & Easter Growth Minibeasts