At Hethersett Old Hall School you cn choose from three main study programmes depending on your ambitions:

1) English Experience Programme  (short-term study option).

This programme gives you the chance to experience a real British boarding school and at the same time develop your English skills and gain ESOL qualifications if you want to.

Who is it for? Pupils of all ages –  but perfect for younger learners aged 9-16, who want to see what it is like to study English in the UK and have an enjoyable experience in a small and friendly boarding school.

What is it?  A flexible programme personalised for you. In addition to having English lessons and support from a specialistd ESOL teacher, you will learn subjects such as maths, geography, history, art and music, alongside our full time pupils. We can prepare you for a range of examinations and qualifications if you wish.

How long does it last? We can be flexible about how long you stay with us,  but it must be for a minimum of  four weeks. To get the most benefit from your stay,  we recommend that you are here for at least one whole term (about ten weeks).  If you want to take Cambridge ESOL qualifications, you will need to be here  in December, March or June to be able to take the exams.  We will be happy to arrange transport for you to Cambridge to take the exams – we are only one hour away from Cambridge.

What does it cost?  You will pay our normal full time boarding fees,  plus your ESOL lessons which will be charged by the hour (these may be shared with other pupils).

 2) iGCSE programme (one-year study programme)

Who is it for? Generally suitable for international pupils aged 16-18

What is it? A one-year intensive study programme. iGCSEs can be studied alongside our general programme of AS and A Levels or when embarking on our 3-Year A Level study course mentioned. We currently offer iGCSEs in English, maths, science, arts and modern languages, according to demand.

What does it cost?  You will pay our normal full time boarding fees,  plus an hourly rate for any one-to-one ESOL lessons you may require.

 3) Advanced Level (three-year long term study option)

This is your best choice if you want to consolidate your English skills before starting internationally-recognised ESOL qualifications and  A-Level qualifications (the qualifications taken at the end of your school career in the UK). It is especially useful if you intend to study at university in the UK or other English-speaking country after leaving school.

Who is it for? Pupils aged 16-18 (there is some flexibility on age) who want to gain internationally recognised ESOL, AS and A Level qualifications before  progressing onto university study.

What is it? A three-year programme tailored to your skill levels, interests and longer term study ambitions.

First year (September-June): Foundation In this year we will provide an initial assessment and develop your individual learning plan. You will have three hours of one-to-one ESOL teaching per week with our highly experienced teachers, preparing you for ESOL exams. These could  include Cambridge ESOL (PET) for example. You will also study a good mix of other subjects alongside our full-time a general native speakers and be introduced to the first year work for a two-year A Level programme.

Second year (September-June) : Year 12  You will join our first-year Sixth Form group of native English speakers,  working with them in small groups on your chosen A Level subjects. In addition you will have two hours intensive one-to-one ESOL teaching per week to prepare you for ESOL qualifications such as Cambridge ESOL (FCE).

Third Year (September-June) : Year 13  This is the last year of school and includes two hours one-to-one ESOL teaching per week; preparation for university entrance ESOL qualifications, IELTS, SATS or other; careers advice and individual guidance with university applications, A Level tuition and preparation for your A Level examinations in June.

What does it cost? You will pay full boarding fees plus hourly rate for your ESOL classes. Please enquire for more detail.