Our fees include many elements that are often added as costly ‘extras’ at other schools –  full lunches, free after-school care*, supervised homework, snacks and many extra-curricular clubs and activities.  *(Free after-school care is to 4.00pm for Nursery and Reception and to 6.00pm for Years 3 and above).

The fees below are for the school year 2019-2020. For more details, see our fees information sheet here.


 Year Group  Cost


15 hours Early Years Grant accepted

£50.20 per day* / £32.07* half  day including lunch and after school care to 4.00pm if required (additional care available to 6.00pm). You can use your 15 hours EYFS funding against these fees.

 Reception, Year 1 & Year 2

15 hours Early Years Grant accepted up to fifth birthday

£3344*per term including lunch and after school care till 4.00pm if required -(additional care available to 6.00pm).

*You can use your 15 hours Early Years Grant against these costs for eligible Nursery and Reception pupils. Please contact heastwood@hohs.co.uk for an individual quote.


 Year Group  Day Fee  Full Boarding Fee*  Weekly Boarding Fee*
 Years 3 -6 £3905 per term  including lunch and  after school care/ clubs till 6.00pm 


£6,850 per term total


  £6000 per term total

*Age 9+


 Year Group  Day Fee  Full Boarding Fee  Weekly Boarding Fee

 Years 7 – 11


£5210 per term including lunches and optional day boarding till 6.00pm  £9760 per term  £8020 per term
Years 12 -13 £3500 per term £8050 per term £6310 per term

Please note that the school offers discounts for siblings and certain other groups as well as Fees in Advance schemes. More information on this is here.  Please contact Helen Eastwood, our Business Manager, for details and a quote. You can email her on heastwood@hohs.co.uk


Application Fees and Deposits

  • A registration fee of £50.00 is charged when applying for a place at the school.
  • A deposit of £200.00 for day pupils and £1000.00 for boarding pupils, is payable upon accepting a place at the school. This is refundable at the end of the pupil’s final term in the school less any outstanding disbursements or charges.

 Contact Us

If you have any questions about our fees, bursaries and fee concessions please contact Mrs Helen Eastwood, Business Manager, on 01603 810390 or email heastwood@hohs.co.uk