“Dear Mr Crump

I would like to thank you and all your fine staff specially Mrs Borrer for your support and dedication in making Hethersett Old Hall School an outstanding school. During my last visit, we felt that we were at home with a family that provides caring, education and love at the same time. Keep up the good work and thank you again.

I encourage all families to think seriously of considering Hethersett when searching for a good boarding school for their daughters. If one needs to hear from a parent of one of the boarding students, please feel free to give him/her my email address and telephone number.

Subhi Abderrezaq, PhD” January 2014


“My favourite memory of HOHS so far is making friends with all the amazing people in my class who I will never forget.” Sarah Kendall, Year 6 day pupil, March 2014

The best thing about HOHS is it’s a small environment with a family feel which means everyone gets along really well.” Charlotte Snell, Year 8 day pupil, February 2014

“I enjoy the small class sizes which enable you to get a lot done in lessons.” Anna Reed, Year 10 day pupil, March 2014

“I would describe HOHS as a small school with hard-working and accepting people.” Karen Maenje, Year 11 boarder from Malawi, March 2014

“I would recommend boarding at HOHS to other girls because there is always something to do, someone to talk to and people to laugh with.” Tami Nkhata, Year 10 boarder from Malawi, March 2014


Feedback via Spanish Agent

“I am writing on behalf of Mr and Mrs Roche, who would like to express their gratitude to all the staff, for the support and guidance Ana received during her time at Hethersett Old Hall School.

They would like to forward their most sincere thanks to Miss Elaine Boar her ESOL teacher, who has taught her not to be afraid of the language and given her the confidence she needed to succeed. All Elaine’s hard work and effort has been rewarded as Ana has been admitted into the British Council School in Spain and she is presently studying for her Cambridge Advanced certificate in the evenings. In addition Ana is studying the equivalent of Year 11 in her old school in Madrid.

It is only after she left Hethersett that she realised that all that you have shown her has helped her achieve such rewarding results. She misses you and hopes to visit you again in the future.

Apart from thoroughly enjoying her time with you, Ana benefited greatly, gained new friends and has grown in confidence.

Thank you all for all the kindness and support you gave to our daughter while she was studying at Hethersett Old Hall School.”

Beatriz Bunzl, English Language Institute

“We chose Hethersett because we had received some very positive feedback from your students and from other parents – and we are extremely happy to have sent you one of our Spanish students this year. She very much enjoyed her time at Hethersett, studying hard and what is most important to us: learning English at an incredible speed. Thank you so much for looking after her so well, with so much care. And thank you for running such a fantastic school and for employing such wonderful and helpful staff. It is a pleasure working with you and we look forward to a long and fruitful co-operation with you for many years to come. Thank you so much!”