To start off our topic about castles, Year 2 went on a trip to Norwich castle.

We began by learning about living in a castle. First we were shown some historic artefacts to try to work out what they were and then we learned all about their uses and where in the castle they belonged. We particularly enjoyed learning about knights’ armour and discovering that people used to start learning to be a knight at aged 7 (that’s how old Year 2 are!).

Next we met a maid called Maud. She was tired because she’d been up since 4am cleaning the castle. She taught us that poor people’s candles were made from animal fat while rich people had candles made of bees wax. She also taught us what the castle used to look like and how to have excellent table manners at a medieval banquet! Finally she showed us the toilets. It came as a big surprise that four people could use the toilets at the same time!

Later in the morning, we learnt more about jousting and tried on a knight’s helmet (it was very heavy!). We also made our own pennants.

After lunch we went to the portrait gallery and looked at the amazing paintings. We learnt that often people had serious faces in paintings because they had rotten teeth! We also learnt that the paintings often showed them with their favourite possessions. We had a go at posing for portraits and then tried to create portraits of each other.

It was a brilliant start to our castles topic and we’ll be learning lots more over the coming weeks!