Last Friday, GCSE and A level geographers set off to Kingswood in North Norfolk for a weekend studying the River Glaven and economic changes to Cromer. After settling into the accommodation, the students were shown around the old house. After a delicious evening meal of stir fry the students went into the Lab to work. Here they met Findlay, their tutor for the weekend and he spent the session discussing and talking about the data collection techniques that they would use in the river, from floating apples, to measuring pebbles with calipers.

Saturday’s weather was cold but sunny; an excellent day to go paddling wearing enormous waders.  They drove to their first site on the River Glaven at Edgefield Woods.  When the girls reached the river they started measuring the width, depth and perimeter and then they used a hydroprop to measure the velocity. Site 2 was a different matter to site 1. Although the river was only a little wider it was deep. Emilia’s waders had a hole in the knee and she was disappointed that she couldn’t get in the river unless she got wet. The others carefully got into the water which went up to the top of their thighs.  When they had to pick up pebbles from the bottom of the river bed, ingenuity came into play and, using their feet, they managed to collect enough pebbles to measure. The next two sites were so much easier to collect data from as the river was shallower.

After an exhausting day the students went back to the study centre where they had a short rest before working on the data that they had collected. They were able to use computer programmes to present their data in a great variety of ways.

Sunday’s weather was not as bright but they were going to Cromer to assess land use and environmental quality and to carry out questionnaires to investigate whether economic investment had an impact on Cromer. They were surprised at how many people were out on a drizzly Sunday morning prepared to answer their questions.

They all had a great time and would like to thank the staff at Kingswood for a great trip that was fun as well as being educational.