This morning, Year 1 were very lucky to have Harry’s great grandmother, Mrs Mrs Brown (aka Nanny Wendy!) come to visit as part of our topic work on “time”, which we’ve been studying in both maths and history. Mrs Brown has spent some time in Germany in the Black forest area, which is where cuckoo clocks originate. She is the proud owner of an original, handmade working clock made in 1932, and was kind enough to bring it to show us!

We were delighted to get an up-close look at this beautiful clock, and ask lots of questions about how it was made, how it worked and how long Nanny Wendy had owned the clock for.

To check the materials used to make the hands of the clock, we used a magnet to test whether they were metal, but they didn’t attract.

We thought then, that perhaps the hands would have instead been made from the antlers of deer that lived in the forest.

We thought about how amazing it was that the clock survived the Second World War in such lovely condition, especially as so many other treasures and buildings were lost in the fighting.

A huge thank you to Nanny Wendy for taking the time to bring us this beautiful antique and answer all our questions – we loved learning about it, and really enjoyed giving a loud “cuckoo!” call in appreciation at the end of the visit.