Our Sixth Form taster day was a big success, with plenty of new and familiar faces all trying out what it’s like to be a Sixth Former at HOHS.

The girls took part in a range of activities from different courses in our curriculum.

In Health and Social Care, the girls were tasked with identifying the amount of sugar present in common foods.

We were surprised to learn that standard glazed doughnuts have far less sugar than many other foods!

The girls were also able to try out an Applied Science class, where they participated in flame tests.

We were also glad to give our visitors an idea of some of the extra-curricular, practical learning we do at the school.

This included teaching CPR on training manikins, which several of our pupils learned to do earlier this term.

We also gave the pupils a sample of our Duke of Edinburgh trips, and worked on setting up tents indoors!

It was a fantastic day, and lovely to see such bright, polite girls enjoying our school. We hope to see you all again soon.