This morning, we were thrilled to watch Year 1’s class assembly. As we gathered in the barn, the Year 1 pupils waited patiently at the back of the room while everyone settled into their seats, before making their way to the stage.

The pupils began by inviting us to imagine what it would be like if toys were to come to life after we’d all gone to sleep.

They performed a song and a dance, walking like robots and singing about all the different activities the toys might get up to if this were true.

They then played the parts of four different toys, and showed how they might move around a toy shop late at night after all the people were gone.

Chloe played a ballerina, swirling and twirling and neatly pointing her toes.

Millie became a fairy, and floated back and forth across the stage, fluttering her wings.

Harry played a car and its driver, and zoomed across the stage in a very impressive cardboard car costume.

Grace played a Barbie doll, dressed all in pink, who sat down to read a book. She was joined by Lottie, a very curious giraffe toy who wanted to read too!

Hattie and Samaara also did a fantastic job as the band, playing along with the toys with perfect timing, using a range of percussion instruments.

Once the day dawned again, and all the toy shop owners had woken up, the toys returned to their places, still and unnoticed.

Year 1 then told us about the toy-related work they’ve been covering in their lessons. They recalled their recent history trip to the Bridewell Museum of Norwich in the city centre, where they had studied all sorts of different toys from the past.

We were very impressed as the pupils remembered all the types of materials they discovered had been used to make toys, like plastic, metal, wood and rubber.

Year 1 had also clearly thought very carefully about material in their art classes, as they presented some beautiful artwork made up of all different textiles and textures. The pieces depicted girls and boys made from material – so what better song to dance with them to than Madonna’s Material Girl?

The children had made connections between toys from the past and present, and they also thought about their own connections. They built a timeline of stories from their own families, starting in 1919 with the birth of Lottie’s Great Grandma.

We then jumped forwards to 1939, and thought about Chloe’s grandpa, who had lived through the Second World War.

Samaara’s granddad came next in the timeline, having been born in 1954 in India.

We then moved through time to 1979, where Harry told us about his Nanny and Granddad getting married.

Grace’s grandmother earned her qualification to become a nurse four years later, in 1983.

We then crossed a century into 2011, which was when Millie’s older sister, Polly, was born.

And last, but not least, Hattie completed the timeline in 2015, when her pet rabbits were born.

Year 1 then played a guessing game, with Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time as the soundtrack. We had to see if we could figure out which of our Year 1s’ baby pictures were shown up on the board. Can you figure out who’s who from the pictures below?

How did you do? Some of us got a little stuck on the last picture, before realising that it was actually Mrs Bird!

With their assembly having come to an end, the pupils took a huge bow together as the audience enthusiastically applauded.

Mr Peace then stood up to congratulate the children. Just like the rest of us, he was so impressed with Year 1’s confidence, memory and performance skills. They all played their parts beautifully, and we could hear every word so clearly. Congratulations everyone – Mrs Bird, Mr Peace, Mr Crump, your parents, and all of us at HOHS are very, very proud of all your hard work!