Last Friday, we hosted our annual Bonfire Night celebration. The event had to be postponed from last week due to strong winds, but (aside from a tiny bit of drizzle!) conditions were perfect for getting our bonfire going safely.

We had a number of treats available, including hearty soup, and delicious jumbo hot dogs…

…sticky toffee apples…

…warming tea, coffee and hot chocolate…

…and Belgian chocolate marshmallows!

As always, our pupils showed us how helpful, kind and patient they are by helping to sell sweets, toffee apples and more.

Many of our younger pupils were very excited to play with the glow-sticks we handed out, which lit up in the dark just like miniature fireworks. As a bonus, they also made it very easy for us to locate little ones running around among the dark trees!

Later into the evening, we all began to gather safely around the bonfire to watch the fireworks.

They were spectacular, with so many shapes, colours and patterns bursting into the night sky.

The final rocket let off a huge bang – and although it gave some of us (adults and children alike!) a bit of a jump, we were all amazed by the scattering light.

We ended our evening by lighting sparklers, which all came in different, glowing colours.

We were careful not to point our sparklers at anyone, and whirled them around in front of us to create our own special effects with the light.

Two of our older pupils even managed to draw a heart shape around themselves using their sparklers!

Thank you to everyone who came to our Bonfire Night celebration, and especially to the Parents’ Association, parents and pupils who took the time to help with our stalls – we couldn’t have done it without you all. Have a lovely week everyone – we look forward to welcoming you again at our Christmas Fair this Saturday!