Wednesday 7th November saw the U14 hockey team travel to Redbridge in Essex for the East Anglia area finals. This is a huge achievement for the team. In order to reach the finals, our team played at Gresham’s School in the preliminary round against eight other schools from our area. In this tournament we came second, which qualified us for the Redbridge tournament on Wednesday.

Early morning, we travelled down to the outskirts of London to play several teams from Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Kent. Each of our six matches were 20 minutes long and tested our skill, endurance and determination. It was very clear that we were facing tough opposition in each of these games and our defence did a sterling job preventing multiple goals from entering our net. By far, our best game was against Fakenham Academy in which we held them to a thrilling 2-2 draw. The last time we played this team they beat us 5-1 and 1-0! As a school, we placed 7th in the tournament and I am delighted with the grit and resilience the girls demonstrated in each and every game we played.

I am equally proud of the girls when members of the umpiring team compliment our them on the manner in which they conduct themselves. Now, we may not have won the tournament but the experience and level of pride will stick with me, and I hope our girls, for a long time. Congratulations to all involved – Mrs Woods.