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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Curriculum

Year 13

Exam Board: AQA
Study Options ½ an A Level

Why choose to study the Extended Project Qualification?

There are five key principles which make the EPQ special for the learner.

  1. It requires independent research and learning
  2. Students choose their own path of study
  3. Students have to plan, deliver and present their project work
  4. A taught element of the course equips the student with relevant study skills including, critical analysis, research methodology, library skills, referencing skills and presentation skills
  5. Students are overseen and assessed by a project supervisor.

Course Details

The AQA Extended Project Qualification has specific requirements for students.

Students have to do the following:

  1. Choose a topic or area of interest to form an individual project
  2. Identify and draft the main aims and objectives of this project
  3. Plan, research and carry out their project. During this research phase, students will apply certain organisational skills and strategies to fulfil their project objectives. They need to obtain and select information from a number of different sources, analyse data and show that they understand the complexities of the topic they have chosen. In some cases students will need to research and develop new skills and techniques in order to produce their EPQ
  4. Provide evidence of all stages of their project
  5. Produce a written report between 1000 and 5000 words
  6. Carry out a presentation about their project which should be suitable for a non-specialist audience
  7. Reflect on their learning from completing the project.

The EPQ should be enjoyable and fulfilling for all students. It will develop organisation, project management and independent learning skills. These skills will benefit all students entering higher education or employment. Being successful in the EPQ is also likely to enhance a student’s application to higher education or for a job.


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