Independent day school
for girls 3 - 18 and boys 3 - 11
with boarding for girls from 9

Academic Extension and Support

Our small class sizes enable us to tailor our curriculum to each pupil’s ability. We offer academic extension to stretch the more able, gifted and talented pupils within the school.

Equally, we are able to support those pupils who need individualised help with particular subjects by providing in-class support. This dedicated input from teaching staff is often all a pupil needs to reach the same level as their peers.

In certain instances though, pupils do require some further support to meet their learning potential. Please note that we state in our admissions criteria that we welcome pupils with a range of abilities who can follow the main curriculum taught to their age group. However we are unable to offer facilities for pupils with extreme physical, learning or behavioural problems needing specialist care or one-to-one teaching out of the classroom for the majority of lessons.

Our Learning Support Co-ordinator can offer specialist help in certain instances. We have a dedicated study area where specialist teaching is provided using a range of appropriate materials, resources and strategies including electronic media.

Initial identification of a specific educational need or disability (SEND) is made during preliminary assessments on entry to our school. Further diagnostic testing is then carried out by the Learning Support Co-ordinator who will ascertain whether the pupil will be able to follow the course of study offered at HOHS with some additional support. If this is the case, she will recommend an individual support programme that will be discussed with parents. An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is then drawn up for the pupil which states the nature and frequency of any support required; a copy of this will be given to parents and to the pupil’s teachers. There is a charge for this additional teaching (£36.00 per hour, pro-rata for shared sessions) and for some types of specialist assessment.

We can give support to pupils either individually or as a member of a group. The support given to our pupils is reviewed regularly to monitor progress and development. Our staff will refer pupils at any stage if they perceive a need for support.

At the appropriate stage, we can carry out assessment to ascertain if there is a need for extra time or other concessions in public examinations (GCSEs). We can arrange for individual invigilation for examinations if necessary; a charge will normally be made for this of £15 per hour.

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