Independent day school
for girls 3 - 18 and boys 3 - 11
with boarding for girls from 9


All of our school policy documents – listed below – are available on request from the school office, and some are available to download via the links here. As policy documents are subject to change, particularly where there are legislative changes,  we would always recommend that you ask the school office for the  latest version.

2.32 SEN_Information_Report

Policy No. Policy Name
1.1 Aims and Ethos
2.1 Curriculum policy
2.12 EAL (English as an Additional Language) policy
2.30 Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy
2.31 SEND Appendix 1 Access Plan 2015-18
2.32 SEND Appendix 2 Information Report
3.3 Safeguarding policy
3.5 Policy against bullying (for pupils)
3.6 Anti-bullying policy
3.8 Information on rewards and sanctions (for pupils)
3.9 Reward system (for pupils)
3.11 Promoting positive behaviour (for pupils)
5.1 Admissions policy
5.2 Code of conduct for parents and pupils
5.3 Exclusions policy
6.1 Complaints policy for parents 
6.2 Complaints procedure for pupils
7.1 Health and safety policy
  Boarders’ handbook and policies.
School terms and conditions
Website privacy policy

Number of complaints registered under the formal procedure during the school year 2015-2016 = 0


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