Independent day school
for girls 3 - 18 and boys 3 - 11
with boarding for girls from 9

Inspection reports

As an independent school  in membership with the ISC (Independent Schools Council), we are inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).

You can download our most recent school inspection report from 2011 here.

You can download our interim boarding report from 2013 here.

Extracts from the report,

“The personal development of pupils is outstanding.”

“Throughout the school, attitudes to learning are excellent.”

“The school makes excellent provision for welfare, health and safety of pupils, who all profess to feel safe, cared for and valued.”

“Behaviour is very good throughout the school and pupils clearly enjoy learning.”

“Pupils have a strong work ethic, instilled by the staff…”

“Pupils feel that the advantage of being in a small school is that each pupil can be an individual.”


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