Science museum trip Oct 14 1As part of British Science Week, 50 of our pupils – from Years 7, 8 and 9 as well as the sixth form – visited the Science Museum in London this Wednesday, 15th October, accompanied by Miss Mann, Mr Lambert, Mrs Collin, Mrs Grove and Mrs Batten.

Miss Mann reports:

“We had a fun morning with the girls, exploring the main gallery. Here they competed in teams consisting of members from each year group to find objects that were ‘bigger than a car’, ‘had gone into space’ and that ‘they would like to take back to school’, amongst others. Had everyone had their way, we would now have planes, cars, brain scanners and a piece of the moon in the school entrance hall! They also took part in a DNA debate, with Mr Lambert taking centre stage at one point.

The afternoon saw some girls explore the ‘who am I’ gallery and have fun in the launch pad hands-on area, while others explored the whole museum or elected to go to a second show about rockets.

Those pupils who are studying genetics and space in Year 9 found some of the displays particularly relevant for their current school project work. However, the aim of the trip, as a starting point in redeveloping HOHS’s science week, was to provide an experience that will inspire the girls beyond their current school science studies.”

We hope this trip will inspire many of our girls to continue their study of science to a high level.