silver d of e Sept 14On Friday 12th September, ten senior students departed bright and early on the minibus for their camping practice expedition in North Norfolk, as part of their Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

After a long day trudging along footpaths, through woods and across heath land they were all glad to finally arrive at the first campsite. Having cooked their own meal on trangias, the girls spent some time relaxing and chatting before heading off to their tents as the sun set.

Very early on Saturday, one group emerged pre-dawn to cook breakfast (very quietly!) by the light of a full moon. The other group joined them an hour later and everyone left the campsite on time – long before breakfast time on a normal weekend!

Saturday saw a tiring walk along the beach and more heath navigation before arrival at a new campsite near the sea where there was a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights. Unfortunately, cloud cover meant there were no wonderful skies, but it did mean that a good night’s sleep was had before another early start on the final day.

Everyone worked hard this last day to ensure that they did not get lost and were on time. The expedition was very successful and all the girls are now well prepared for their final expedition, which will take place during the October half term.