Usain BoltCongratulations to the following Prep School students who achieved awards in their athletics lesson this week for their 75 metre sprint.

GOLD: Harrison Groom and Ovilhera Mahere.

SILVER: Dayon Park and Darci Sheppard-Mobbs.

BRONZE: Harriett Catlin, Emily Grint, Imogen Stubbs, Georgia Williams, Jack Barrett, Sophie Barrow, Emma Bell, Talia Garner, Grace Greenfield, Benjamin Jones, Sarah Kendall and Isabelle Sellors.

LEVEL 2: Charlotte Duffin, Mia Dunne, William Hartley and Alabama Thompson.

Congratulations to our senior school pupils who gained the following awards for the 100 metre sprint.

GOLD: Isabel Hartley

SILVER: Olivia Marks, Harriet Blake and Isabel Kingston.

BRONZE: Mollie Deeks, Aisling Kendall, Lacey Mayes, Emily Catlin, Mia Ellis-Wood, Abbey Ayers, Catherine Jones, Erin Reed, and Sacha Serruys.