Jabberwocky_HOHSAfter months of working together on Mrs Richard’s wonderfully original play ‘Jabberwocky’, the time finally came for the entire cast – ranging from those in Year 7 right up to the sixth formers – to perform it. And perform it we did. Everybody, from the actors to the stage management, put in their absolute all.

Amongst the singing, skating, and illegal tea-drinking were the cops (the good, the bad and the slightly confused), two murderous henchmen masquerading as old ladies and a bartender whose accent ranged from Jamaican to Indian in a most remarkable way. For some, performing at a theatre is like returning home; for others it is as stressful and terrifying as sky-diving. But whatever your approach, there is no denying that it is an experience like no other and it was fantastic to be a part of such an amazing performance. To all involved – well done!

Amy Wales (12B)