Victorian Day HOHSOn Tuesday, children in Year 5 and Year 6 became pupils at the Victorian School in the village of Great Cressingham. We had returned to the year 1894! Every child and member of staff had dressed up for the day and we were all looking forward to the range of traditional activities that had been organised by the owner of the school, Mrs Sally North.

During the day the children read aloud and answered questions about Aesop’s moral tale ‘The Lion and the Mouse’, recited their seven times table, were tested on their spelling and mental arithmetic, practised their handwriting, played with hoops in the meadow and spinning tops on the playground and, in the afternoon, produced beautiful drawings and lavender bags.

On behalf of the children, Ovi and Danel collected certificates for ‘Regularity and Attendance’ and Mr Peace was presented with a certificate giving permission for every child to leave school once they have reached the age of eleven years old! Thank you to Mrs Thorman and Sonita for accompanying the children on the trip and to Mr Reeves and his team for providing the authentic packed lunch.

As representatives of Hethersett Old Hall School, Year 5 and Year 6 made us all very proud. Their behaviour and enthusiasm were excellent and rounded off a truly memorable day.

Mr Peace, Head of Prep School