The drama studio at Wymondham High Academy was thronged with eager students on Monday evening, all waiting to introduce, speak about or question a wide variety of topics. These included the concept of free will, life a hundred years ago, feminism in the modern day and terrorism.

We were represented brilliantly by Tammy Mahere (speaker), Tracy Derby (questioner) and Megan Groom (chairperson). Megan and Tracy worked with the team from Wymondham College. Megan, who was awarded the honour of Best Chairperson of the Evening, was friendly and in control. Tracy asked some searching questions and Tammy, hot on the heels of her poetry success, gave a fascinating speech on leadership. She had some very difficult questions to answer but she looked supremely confident throughout the presentation.

We came away feeling very proud of our participation in the event and clutching our certificates. A special ‘well done’ to Megan for being the best chairperson of the evening.

Mrs Young

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