Hethersett is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and we have been tracking down old girls and members of staff.

We have been thrilled by the response and so many fond memories!

Mrs Edna Davies is one former member of staff who has been in contact. Mrs Davies was Head of Religious Studies and our Senior Housemistress between 1978 – 1983. During her time here she started an unusual project of collecting the signatures of our departing boarders on a tablecloth.

She re-discovered the tablecloth in a cupboard a couple of years ago and started to embroider over the girls’ signatures to create a permanent memento. She also painstakingly handstitched the old school logo in the centre of the tablecloth which depicts a bird. On hearing of our celebrations she has had the tablecloth professionally framed and has just presented us with this charming piece of history! We are thrilled to receive it and would like to thank Mrs Davies for such a lovely keepsake.  It is currently hanging proudly on display in the Quiet Room and we will find a more permanent home after our 75th celebrations in the summer.

If you were a boarder between 1980-1983 and are planning to join us for our 75th anniversary celebrations on Sunday 16th June, make sure you take a look!