Our Upper Prep department was given the challenge of designing and making a bridge to span thirty centimetres, as part of the British Science Association’s National Science Week.

The children worked in mixed age house teams and our pupils were given a limited amount of materials and had to make the strongest bridge possible.

There were some very interesting and original designs and after making their bridges, strength tests were carried out.

The results were as follows:

Ist Fry: Christina Moretti-Miles, Imogen Stubbs, Oscar Williams, Ria Simmons

2nd Austen: Anna Luterbacher, Sarah Kendall, Harry Groom

3rd Ryder: Ashlyn Gibb, Alabama Thompson, Isabelle Sellors, Mollie Deeks

The most attractive bridge was made by Aisling Kendall, Ovi Mahere, Emily Grint and Olivia Hendrie of Austen house.

Congratulations to all the children for some amazing bridges.