Our young swimmers in Years 3-6 enjoyed a well-deserved win against Norwich School in their gala on Tuesday 5th March. All our boys and girls performed extremely well.


Year 5 freestyle relay, Year 6 freestyle relay, Year 6 medley relay, Jessica Lloyd (butterfly, front crawl and breaststroke), Sarah Kendall (backstroke), Max Chambers (backstroke), Harry Groom (backstroke and front crawl), Meredith Winship (backstroke), Gabriella Moretti-Miles (backstroke), Darci Sheppard-Mobbs (breaststroke) and Issy Sellors (front crawl).


Year 3 freestyle relay, Year 3 medley relay, Year 4 medley relay, Year 5 medley relay, 18 cannon, Meredith Winship (butterfly), Warwick Davey (backstroke), James Bell (backstroke and front crawl), Sophie Barrow (backstroke), Grace Greenfield (breaststroke), Emma Bell (breaststroke and front crawl) and Aisling Kendall (breaststroke and front crawl).

Girl of the Gala: Meredith Winship

Boy of the Gala: Harry Groom