On Friday night nearly one hundred pupils, parents and teachers enjoyed a talk by Mark Thompson, one of the presenters of the hit BBC programme Stargazing Live.

Armed with a boggling array of information, facts and figures – plus some stunning imagery – Mark’s presentation left the whole room a little more clued up on the contents of space and the workings of our universe.

Following a break for refreshments, Mark once again took to the floor to field a mixed bag of questions from an increasingly curious audience. Subjects ranged from the likelihood of time travel and the existence of aliens, to wormholes, the speed of light, String theory and an estimation of how long it would take to drive a car to Jupiter. Perhaps the most interesting of all was the revelation that it is indeed possible to turn back time and get a little younger, if you can run around a room really, really fast!

To finish up, Mr Lutkins, our Head of Science, gave a brief talk on how easy it is for amateur astronomers to take photos using a simple digital camera or web cam. Perhaps after this evening there will be an increase of numbers in the school’s Astronomy Club?!

The PA would like to say a big thank you to Mark for coming in to talk to us all. If you missed out on Mark’s words of wisdom on the night, why not pick up a copy of his latest book: A Down to Earth Guide to the Cosmos?