Two teams from HOHS took part in a public speaking competition at Wymondham High School on Monday evening. Libby Allen (10R) gave a speech on why she thinks men and women can never be equal – there was a lot of audience participation (from both genders!) following her presentation. Tammy Mahere (10R)made us all focus on the important things in life with her speech on how we are ‘work smart but time poor’. Most of the audience, like Tammy, were feeling rather over-worked and appreciated her fresh perspective. Our two chairs, Natasha Campling (10R) and Tracy Derby (10R), did a brilliant job of introducing their speakers and making  everyone feel comfortable. They had the difficult job of summarising the speech that they heard for the first time during the competition. Each team also had a questioner and Safia Hallaq (10R) and Megan Groom (10R) sounded just as good as the interviewers on the ‘Today’ programme on Radio 4 (no, I am not biased!). They skilfully asked a range of questions designed to clarify and expand on the speaker’s topic. 

 Both Mr Crump and I were very proud of our teams who were all awarded certificates for taking part. Thanks too to Joy Chianu (13G) who helped with the training and accompanied the teams on the night.            

Mrs Young