Wednesday 30th January was our first astronomy club observation evening. The weathermen promised clear skies, and true to form it was a fairly cloudy evening for the dozen hardened scientific observers. However, hot chocolate (thanks to Sophie Beart 11Y) warmed everyone up and through the gaps in the clouds, we did manage to see the cloud belts of Jupiter and the four Newtonian moons. We also had a look at some of the brighter stars in Taurus and Orion, as well as the Pleiades (an open cluster of stars). We made use of both the school’s telescope and the robotic telescope so everyone managed to get a good look. The older students took some time in getting used to how to aim and view through the school telescope, which will be a skill they can pass on to parents at the Parents’ Association ‘Stargazing Event’ with BBC’s Mark Thompson on Friday 1st March.

We hope to meet this week for some more observations and if skies are clear, we can look at some of the other objects in the night sky.

Mr Lutkins