On the last day of term, six teams buzzed their way through 240 spanking-new questions covering twelve months’ worth of news at local, national and international level. The results were:

Round 1

Fry ‘B’ 220   Austen ‘A’ 140

Round 2

Ryder ‘A’ 210    Austen ‘B’ 90

Round 3

Fry ‘A’ 170    Ryder ‘B’ 140

Round 4 (Final)

Fry ‘B’ 90   Ryder ‘A’ 180

Top individual scorers proved to be:

Hannah Brighton (310)

Anna Bakewell (160)

Olivia Culling (110)

Rebekah Oelrichs (90)

Joy Chianu (80)

Sienna Sexton (70)

I was assisted by scorers Lily Cook and Letitia Gaskin (9C).

Ryder has now won the Robertson Shield four times, but Fry has secured the title nine time; Austen remains in the lead, with twelve triumphs!

Mr Osborne