Last weekend, our boarders headed to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular with Madame Boscaratto. Day girls were also invited and we even had a visit from an old girl.

Everyone agreed it was a fantastic show and we felt full of Christmas spirit by the end. Mollie Deeks (6R) has written about her experience. We hope we get to go again next year!

“Last Saturday, Miss Boscaratto, Miss Mann and Mrs Swallow took us to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular, and it was certainly ‘spectacular’!

As we walked towards the entrance, we were greeted by music and singing by elves which got us into the Christmas spirit straight away. We then came into an old-fashioned village with shops decorated for Christmas and selling all sorts of gifts, chocolates, sweets and more. Finally it ws time to go into the show. The whole of the auditorium was filled with lovely Christmas sparkling lights, Christmas trees, decorations, even the carousel made the whole scene truly amazing, a winter wonderland.

Soon the lights were dimmed, the organ began to play and it was time for the show to start. There were brilliant dancers, fantastic singers, a cool ‘Buddy Holly’ band, a soothing orchestra, amazing juggler, a funny comedian, Scottish pipers, then white balloons and snow came down from above and to end it all real live doves flew overhead from one side of the auditorium to the other – a sign of love and peace for all.

After this truly magical and spectacular show, we are now all in the Christmas spirit and cannot wait for Christmas! With special thanks to Mrs Swallow for organising this for us all, and the teachers and other helpers who made it an afternoon to remember.”