Our head of religious studies, Robin Myerscough, also specialises in photographing religious sites in Britain, Europe and the Middle East. These photographs are made available for teachers of the subject via his website.

At half-term he was due to take photographs at St James’ Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela, the end of the Camino in Spain and at the healing centre of Lourdes in France. But how to get between these two places proved to be something of a problem.

Kelsey Borrer, our deputy head girl, who is currently studying travel and tourism came to his rescue and accepted the challenge, as part of her coursework at AS level, and devised a route which involved the fastest and least costly journey between the two places.

“I worked out that Mr M could fly to Compostela direct from Stansted with Ryanair and then travel by long distance coach and by train from Compostela to Lourdes. It was a complicated assignment because pilgrims going to and from Compostela do not usually want go on to Lourdes.”

Kelsey was also able to research hotels in France and a return route from Lourdes via Ossun airport to Stansted, all within six days.

“It was a splendid solution” declared Robin Myerscough, “at times some of the connections were quite tight on time, but the journey links worked like clockwork.”

Kelsey achieved a grade B for her coursework and the photographs taken by Robin were splendid additions to the photo gallery.