On Tuesday 6th November our Year 13 A Level mathematics students took part in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Mathematics Challenge.

Our girls were given difficult and very difficult problems to solve in 90 minutes! No calculators were allowed, only plain paper and a pencil.

Here are two questions for you to try:

1. Which of the following cannot be written as the sum of two prime numbers?

A =5, B =7, C =9, D =10 or E =11

2. Given that

x+y+z = 1

x + y – z = 2 and 

x – y – z = 3 

what is the value of xyz?

A = -2, B = -1/2, C = 0, D = 1/2 or E = 2

The students’ solutions have been sent to Leeds University for marking and we now await the results. Well done to the students who took part in this event.

Mrs Heppell, Head of Mathematics