During the first weekend of half-term fourteen Year 11 students braved the wind, rain and flooded campsite to complete their expedition section of the silver award.

Our girls had to walk for three days, on average 16km per day, and camp for two nights, carrying their food, tents and clothing. They set off on a bright sunny Saturday morning near Sizewell in Suffolk. The first day went without a hitch. The weather was kind and both groups were on time at every stop. That night they camped at Hawwood Farm. We were hoping for a clear sky that evening, as the campsite had a magnificent fifteen foot telescope pointing in anticipation towards the heavens! Unfortunately the sky became overcast and at 8pm the rain started. It lasted throughout the night and all of the next day until late on Sunday evening. This was such a shame as the walk to Southwold across the marshes is so beautiful at this time of year.

On Sunday night our girls camped at Southwold. We had a problem trying to find a raised area of ground that was not a small swimming pool on which to pitch our tents. We had never seen this campsite so flooded. After dinner everyone went to bed and fell asleep to the crashing of the waves on the beach. The last day’s weather was much kinder as the girls wound their way north to Benacre. At the end, their assessor was so impressed with them that he suggested that they all try the Gold Duke of Edinburgh! Some agreed with him but others thought it was too soon to make that decision. We drove back to Norwich and not a sound was heard on the minibus – the girls were all asleep. Thanks go to Mr Johnston, Miss Mann and Mrs Grove for making this expedition possible.