An intrepid party of thirteen Year 10 and 11 pupils and four parents returned on Saturday 27th October after another inspiring tour of First World War museums and memorials. We traversed the killing fields of Flanders and the Somme in the company of our wonderfully knowledgeable and empathetic guide, Alan.

At the Last Post ceremony Natasha Campling and Sophie Downing presented wreaths in honour of the thousands of British and Empire troops who perished whilst defending the strategically vital town of Ypres from enemy attack.

Prizes were awarded not only for scholarly curiosity but also the most decorative wellies on parade outside Sanctuary Wood trenches! Our pilgrimage was punctured by poetry readings and enlivened by the ‘pedalling padre’, Reverend Bradford Wiggo (a.k.a. Mr Osborne) who led a rousing patriotic sing-a-long!

Each traveller will soon be receiving a CD of photographic memories.

Planning for 2014 (obviously a very important anniversary) is already underway, so listen out for news, all you potential recruits presently in Years 8 and 9!

Mr Osborne