Our Year 6 girls had a sleepover in the boarding house on 5th October. Here’s a report from Mollie.

“The day finally came for the sleepover! We were all very excited and couldn’t wait for school to end.

First we had a snack and watched a movie with the other day boarders, which was great. While the other day boarders did their homework we coloured in ‘Shrinkles’. Once we finished that, we took them down to the cooking room to cook. We watched them cooking. It was fascinating how they curled up and twisted and turned, then came back to their normal shape, but smaller. It was fantastic!

After that we took our bags upstairs and got shown our rooms where we would be sleeping. We quickly unpacked and got dressed into our casual clothes, then went down for tea. Tea was scrumptious, it was scrambled egg with salmon and toast.

We then went into the boarders lounge and did a quiz. What fun!

Next we went swimming with the boarders. We didn’t have a lesson it was just having fun in the pool. I really enjoyed it!

When we got back we had a little feast, a bedtime story in our dormitories, lights out, then sleep! (Well sort of!)”

We are delighted that the girls had such a good time. We hope to have lots more sleepovers over the year.