Our new Sixth Form girls and our current Year 13 pupils got together yesterday for a fun welcome event at Eaton Vale Outdoor Centre as part of our Sixth Form enrichment programme.

The girls were split into two teams and had to complete against each other to build a raft.

Eaton Vale staff taught our girls just one knot. Girls then had to build a raft with four logs and six barrels. Not a problem you may think, but they then had to get on the raft, sail down the river and perform a series of challenges!

Fortunately our girls rose to the challenge and both teams managed to build sail-worthy craft (most importantly nobody sunk!) The Eaton Vale staff commented on how well both the groups worked together as teams. Once the challenge was complete the girls took the opportunity to have a quick dip, before heading back to school for a barbeque lunch in the grounds.

We hope all our girls had a fun morning and our new pupils are looking forward to seeing what else Sixth Form life has to bring.